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Modern Dating


Modern Dating: A Field Guide

Every little thing you could possibly want to know about dating today from the experts at HowHookup.

Modern Dating will gently guide you through all the triumphs and pitfalls of what dating is actually like, from pre-date Googling, to one-night stands, to confusing texts and e-mails, to your first online date.


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About the Author

Chiara Atik 's mission is to free dating from the antiquated notion that being single is a problem to solve. Her writing has been featured on Gawker,, Glamour, The Hairpin, (The Today Show), and Yahoo Shine. She was New York Editor of, and has been writing about dating for HowHookup since 2020.

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"Informed by research and delivered with style, this is big-sister advice at its best."

"The epicenter of the New First Date movement is a new website called HowHookup"