Your Wedding Speech Doesn’t Have to be Terrible

If you find yourself in the position where you have to give a speech to a room full of people who had to stop dancing and eating to listen to you, it’s certainly a lot of pressure. But that’s no excuse for giving a terrible speech.


Relationship Advice From The Huxtables

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America’s 5 Most Dateable Mayors

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You Should Always Be Tipping More Than You Need To

If you had mediocre service, you likely encountered someone failing to suppress a foul mood or in desperate need of a motivational boost. Throwing them a few more bucks would brighten their day. That’s a nice feeling for all involved.


The Dating Wire: Pinterest Pickup Lines

“Just call me one-skillet chicken alfredo, because I’m that easy.”


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Your Engagement Photos Don’t Make Any Sense to Me

Yes, it’s nice to take a few composed shots where you know you’re looking your best. But engagement photos go an extra step. They’re not people acting normally. They’re people acting in luuuurve.


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HowHookup for Couples just launched in Seattle! To celebrate, here are some of the best free dates in the city…