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New School Romance - "She was right there with it"

New School Romance - "She was right there with it"
Millennial Dating

Our generation (we were both born in 1979) is really really good at a lot of things. We're amazing at getting educated. At living dynamic, integral lives. At giving back. At traveling to Indonesia. At constructing resumes. At fostering deep connections with friends while also remaining perpetually (neurotically?) busy. We can do bright self-analysis and relentless positivity, without abandoning the delights of irony and skepticism. Yoga, frisbee, recreation leagues. Writing short stories on the side. Going out, but not too much. We know curious facts and bring them up at opportune moments. We're efficient, funny, smart, fun, and present. And we kinda know it-so our arrogance is basically endearing.

But when it comes to dating... we're we're we're...just fine. We're O-K. We're mediocre. We're not amazing at dating. At all. As a generation, our dating lives don't come close to embodying the dynamism, integrity, layered-sophistication, and self-awareness we bring to everything else.

You would have expected our generation to discover and usher in a fundamentally new way to date. Epoch-ly new. But, we haven't really done that.

Just contrast our generation's finest hour of efficacy - - the Obama Campaign - - and your standard reality t.v. show. And, well, look at what's out there in online dating.

Check out this delightful video from eharmony:

So, we're totally thrilled for Laura and Randy, but...

Or check out this screen shot from onlinebootycall

I mean, this is just not even close to what we're actually looking for. We're somehow awaiting a time when our relational lives are actually how we want them to be.

But we're so not actual about it. (Yeah, a new vocab here. More to come on actualism later.)

We want dating lives that are totally fun, active, transparent, filled with the laughter of knowing how funny the process of finding love is, sexy, and real as hell. Everyone we know wants that. It's about time we make it happen.

HowHookup.Com is an expression of our sense of the kind of dating lives we want and the kind of dating lives we think our generation wants. It's a tool that we hope becomes an emblem of a new relational epoch in which people date the way they live.

Okay, a bit grandiose, but seriously-isn't it just waiting to happen?

(If it's not obvious, check other spots on the blog to learn why Jay Z is featured on this post.)