#instantturnons was trending on Twitter over the weekend, which gave us the idea to list some of our own. (Brainstorming turnons? Highly recommended Monday morning activity, by the way.)


A Foreign Accent

Foreigners can make “Where is the bus stop?” sound sexy. When they’re actually trying to turn to turn you on? Irresistible.



Duh. Confidence is hypnotic: even someone physically unappealing becomes instantly attractive when they’re self-assured, and even a little cocky.

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Talent. Like, in Anything. Anything at all.

That girl you never really noticed before blows everyone away at the karaoke. That guy you never thought was that cute turns out to be an amazing writer. Anyone who ever gets onstage with a guitar. Talent is maybe the biggest aphrodisiac there is, so if you’ve got any, use it to your advantage.

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Someone Who Can Cook

Whoever said “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” only got it half-right: food totally does it for women, too.


People Who Look Smart

You don’t even have to BE smart! Just looking the part often does the trick. Glasses? A book? Pen marks on your fingers? Everyone has a secret thing for nerds. You’re either Marian the Librarian or Clark Kent, either way, there’s someone out there who dreams of unbuttoning you.

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Is it a power thing? A machine fetish that we Americans seem to uniformly have as a culture? Either way, there’s something about someone behind the wheel that makes us think “power.” And power is sexy.



Something about someone who just makes decisions and takes control is instantly hot. “Let’s go here for dinner.” “We’ll take this cab.” “We’re going to make out, now.” Yep, got it, whatever you say!

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Someone who’s dancing with no hint of self-consciousness and having a great time is always attractive. Dancing together? Killer.


Dressing Up

You can see someone every day, but then the moment they don a suit or a nice dress, it’s like, “helloooo, stranger.” There’s a reason every movie ever, from Beauty and The Beast to Pretty Woman to Titanic to Iron Man, has a scene where the romantic leads suddenly have to dress up — and take notice of each other.



Smiling is a facial expression that human beings have adapted in order to get one another to like each other. Because it works. When someone catches your eye from across the room, maintains eye-contact, and smiles at you? You’re done for.