I’m about to drop some BIG secrets here. Guys, it’s really not that hard to land a second date with a woman should you want one. There are things you can do on your first date (or immediately following) that will all but ensure your second (unless you behaved like a cad on the first date, in which case I can’t help you). Hint: these are things don’t involve dropping big bucks on a fancy dinner. Save your money. It’s much simpler than that. After the jump, some moves that will (probably) land you a second date.

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1. Feed me. I get hungry every two to three hours without fail. After that, my blood sugar crashes and I turn into a raging beast. If we’re going on a date that doesn’t involve dinner, you will win a second date by bringing me a snack. I once had a guy show up on a date with cookies for me. I swear my heart skipped a beat. They were double fudge.

2. Take an interest in me getting home safely. Trust me, I will notice if you seem to care whether or not I make it home safe and sound. Please, don’t follow me home. That’s creepy. But a simple text asking if I made it home OK will not go unnoticed.

3. Make me laugh until I’m snorting. Even if I’m not sure how I feel about you, if you made me laugh until I snorted, I want to see you again. Bonus points if you thought my snort-laughter was cute.

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4. Ask me out on the second date while we are still on the first. If I am snort-laughing and there is serious eye contact going on and we are both feelin’ it, don’t waste time. Get our second date on the books. There is no greater feeling than walking away from a good first date knowing that there will be another. It takes the anxiety out of the process and makes me feel like you’re excited about getting to know me. Which makes me excited about getting to know you.

5. Put some effort into planning our first date. I’m not sure if you guys understand what a turn-on planning is! Have a place to go, a thing to do, a backup plan if that doesn’t work out. Putting some work into making sure I have a good time makes me feel special.

6. Check out something that I mentioned. If I mentioned that my favorite TV show was “Strangers With Candy,” I’ll probably think you are awesome if you watch an episode in the next few days and tell me whether you loved it (or hated it). I hope you worship Amy Sedaris as much as I do, but even if you don’t, you took the time to watch an episode of my favorite show. And for that, you have earned yourself a second date.

7. Compliment the way I look. Nothing cheesy here. But a genuine “you look nice” or “you have pretty eyes” will really get you places.

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8. Don’t bring up your ex or how you’re estranged from your mother. Can we please, please just wait a few dates before we talk about how you’re not over your ex? You say that and all I can think of is: “He would rather be here with his ex.” Not a turn on.

9. Listen as much as you talk. This is a good rule of thumb for achieving success in many areas of life. Dating is no exception.

10. Offer to come to my neighborhood next time. Oh, this is HUGE. It’s nearly impossible to resist a date that is convenient for me.

–By Ami Amgelowicz

This post originally appeared on The Frisky.