True, chivalry is complicated. But as much as girls hem and haw over whether or not they want you to pay or what they think of flowers, there are certain classic things guys can do that girls truly do appreciate.

1) Pay. This is a loaded topic for sure and it’s different in every situation, but the truth is, paying for the first date will impress her — even if she offers to pay. Believe it or not, one of the first things girls ask each other after a date is, “Who paid?” “Oh,” her friend will say (if the answer is “we split it”), and then she’ll inadvertently make a face like she ate one too many Sour Patch kids. It takes away a little of she specialness if you go dutch. At the very least, if she offers to split it, protest at least once. (If she truly insists, then by all means let her pay.)

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2) Tell the girl how beautiful she is. This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to forget. Don’t do it in a totally creepy, ingenuous way. Wait until your second and third date, and say something really casual, like, “You know, I really can’t get over how pretty you are.”

3) Plan dates. Seriously. It is unbelievable that this is even a tip but it is something many guys do not do. Have a plan. Don’t walk around trying to figure something out, get to a restaurant and realize you needed a reservation, or wait to find out what she wants to do. Take control.

4) Call, don’t text. If you do this I guarantee she will say to her friend, “And he called me!” “He caaaaaalled you?!?!”

5) Hold her hand. It’s sometimes more intimate than having sex.

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6) Remember something stupid that she says she likes and give it to her. What’s that? She collects bar coasters? Grab an interesting-looking one for her the next time you’re out with your buddies. She loves Diet Dr. Pepper? Leave her a single can at her door when you leave her apartment. She loves grilled cheese? Have all of the ingredients (all two of them) ready at your apartment to make her a sandwich when you come home after the bar. It can be something small. Just get creative.

7) Be cheesy and make her dinner. It doesn’t even have to be good. Use real utensils, plates, and serve Prosecco. What the hell, even light some candles. I’m serious.

8) Casually tell her nice things you’ve told your friends about her. “I told Dan how hard I laughed when you told me that story about your sister.” “I told Dan how good you were telling stories, like that one about your sister.” “I told Dan how awesome your sister is from that story you told me.” Whatever. Just tell Dan something nice about her and then repeat that to her.

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9) When she is naked tell her she is hot. It’s just three words. Two if you make it a contraction. It will take .5 seconds. She will remember it and feel more confident.

10) Take the initiative to use a condom. This sounds weird, but almost no guys do this. Get a condom without making her have to ask for one. She will tell her friends how responsible and smart you are.

And finally, if you are able to do these 10 things, please call me. I would love to date you.