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The Love Seat: 10 Questions with... Julie

This 26-year-old Iowa native and Director of Social Strategy for an online sales agency loves nerds with a side of meat and looks forward to dressing up her man. Propose dates to Julie as she kicks off HowHookup's newest feature, The Love Seat.

What is your longest relationship in and out of NYC?
Outside NYC, 15 months. In NYC, 4 months.

What kind of men do you date?
A wide variety, a nice balance between geeky and meathead. I love technical geeks who like music and computers, but also need someone quite manly. Either way, he must have a career path.

What is the oldest you would date? Youngest?
38 and 25

What is the first thing that attracts you?
Presence. How you appear in a crowd of people or at a dinner table. Presence is important. Looks not as much.

How much do you reveal about yourself on a first date?
As much as they ask, I'm very open. I don't hold anything back - to a fault.

What was your worst date? Best date?
A: In the first five minutes, my date told me he had just kicked his cocaine habit. He also told me he was filing for bankruptcy over our $1,600 dinner at Del Posto. My best was when someone took me to see Wilco on a second date.

Go-to first date outfit?
Black skirt, cute top. And, always heels.

How would you like your date to dress?
Classic. No t-shirts that say things on them. Also, good jeans are amazing and earn you some points. But I don't want a date to dress better than me. I like having a little work to do, someone who appreciates my help in the fashion department.

On average, how many dates until you have sex?
Three at the minimum

What would be your ideal HowHookup date?
Hitting golf balls at Chelsea Piers and beers afterwards, somewhere outdoors. But, I'm horrible at golf, so will need a date who can help me brush-up on my skills!

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