Let’s just get this out right away: beer is great. There are always those who prefer wine or cocktails over a good brew, but honestly, we all know they’re wrong.

Here are 10 reasons why beer drinkers are just better dates.

1. Because beer is less expensive than those cocktails or decades-old bottles of wine. Cheaper alcohol tab means cheaper dates. 

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2. Because even though the common belief is that wine will help you live longer, according to a new study, beer (consumed in moderation, obviously) has more health benefits than red wine.


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3. Because according to an actual survey done in the UK,  guys see women who drink beer as “sexy, confident, independent and fun” compared to their “girly-drink” counterparts.


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4. Because it’s much less intimidating to order a beer on a date than to order a bottle of wine. Plus, most beer names you already know how to pronounce.


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5. Because beer is just more readily available at a wide variety of places. Have you ever tried searching a stadium for wine?

But if you do find the wine, you’ll most likely end up like this.

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6. Because some awesome scientists actually proved that beer makes men smarter. Seriously.


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7. Because beer drinkers are less self-conscious, or are at least more likely to have sex on the first date.


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8. Because you KNOW this girl gets lots of attention at parties.

9. Because, let’s face it, a yard of beer is a little phallic.


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10. Because beer drinking often involves games. Sure, you’re not in college any more but who would pass up a game of beer pong or kings? Someone who doesn’t like fun, that’s who.


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