If you and a cute guy from your elementary school/middle school/high school end up in the same city as adults, don’t dismiss him as a potential boyfriend — it’s totally worth a try. Here’s why:


Your Parents Already Know Him

And of course they love him! The last time they saw him he was going through his adorable, innocent phase. (Well… unless he wasn’t. But everyone deserves a second chance!) Plus, he still calls your mom “Mrs. Whatever.”


He’s Seen It All

He knows your old AIM name was ILOVEDOLPHINS. He remembers that dog collar necklace you never took off. He knows you had, like, no friends in high school. And he doesn’t care.


Hometown References

Just bring up a popular restaurant or store, and say no more — he’s on the same page as you. The story about that time you “barfed all over the place at Tequila Pancho’s” takes on a deeper meaning. You both crave Skyline chili (Cincinnati) or Beau Jo’s pizza (Denver) or whatever.


You Have Friends In Common

From way, way back. Not only can you talk about them, but they can act as a support system in your relationship.


You Can Go Home Together

Oh man, you have to go home for Easter again this year? Well now it’s fun, because your boyfriend does, too. Two birds, one stone.


It Bonds You

If you’re from a place that’s the butt of every joke (the same town in New Jersey, some random town in West Virginia) you might have a sense of pride for it that nobody else will understand. You know how it feels when you get someone’s number and your ears perk when you hear they have the same area code as you, and it’s from your hometown? That’s because even if you hate your hometown, you kind of like it. At least you get it.


You Have Adorable Pictures Of You Together

From when you were 14. “Look at us! What the hell were we wearing?!”


You Had The Same Teachers In School

So you did the same physics projects, read the same books, and have the same dumb methods for remembering the periodic table. Having those quirky things in common is a huge bonus.


You Can Totally Call Them On Their Bullsh*t

“You weren’t on the lacrosse team!” “You did too have braces!” “You totally had a mullet.” “Your mom volunteered for everything in school!” “Remember that time you farted in church?” “Why did you date that TOTALLY RANDOM PERSON that one time?” Come on, this stuff keeps us real.


Oh, Come On. You’re Just Similar.

And you don’t really know why. But it’s kind of awesome.