1. He actually measures up to the impossible romantic standards set years ago by your high school boyfriend (who turned out to be gay).

2. You’ve forgotten to Facebook stalk — ahem, caringly check up on the life circumstances of — the college girlfriend you never got over.

3. You don’t need drinks to have fun together.

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4. You don’t wake up mortifyingly embarrassed because you drank too much together the night before.

5. Watching American Idol together feels like a dream date. So does cooking a frozen pizza, cleaning your apartment together, or staring silently at each other.

6. You stopped checking your online dating profile for new hits, winks, messages, hot lists, etc.

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7. You can work her name into any conversation. (“Speaking of spoons, she did the cutest thing on our first date where she stirred her coffee with a spoon …”)

8. You can’t help kissing him passionately when he reveals he’s looking for a real relationship — and hoping to God you can have exactly just that with him.

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9. You’ve forgotten all about that friend you’ve been secretly pining for over the last several years.

10. Both of you are breaking every dating rule in the book: calling and texting just hours after your first date instead of the requisite two days; hooking up on the second date; introducing each other to parents and friends weeks after meeting. And, lo and behold, instead of “ruining” your relationship, these “bad decisions” just keep turning out perfectly.