Ah, the big reveal—that instant when you finally present her with your (ahem) package. But no matter how heated the moment, you can’t help but wonder: Is she carefully checking out the goods, and if so, do they pass inspection? That’s why we asked women to share their funniest, boldest, happiest, craziest, or most memorable reaction to a man’s penis. Sure, there was the occasional lady who says size matters, but mostly, you’ll find that you can probably relax. Because most women are just completely fascinated by what you’re packing down there…and excited about the impending delivery.

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1. Deep Purple

“I’ve never seen that shade of purple on a human being before…but the color was just another sign of extreme arousal, so yes, it made a difference. In the best possible way.” —Deanna, 25

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2. Magical Mushroom

“There was this guy I went out with for a few months, and the moment I saw his penis, I noticed the head was so big it looked like a mushroom! I actually imagined a Smurf’s house. But surprisingly, it was the most pleasuring penis I’ve ever experienced. He worked that mushroom like magic!” —Stefani, 29

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3. Shear Terror

“Manscaping should be required! The penis looks much smaller when surrounded by so much shrubbery.” —Erin, 33

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