1. Unlike the smooth talker, they’re not using cheesy pick-up lines or negging you. Silence is definitely preferable to that.

2. Their awkwardness can be flattering. The guy might wait a million hours to kiss you, then kind of scamper away in embarrassment after, but it’s cute that he was so intimidated by you.

3. There’s a challenge. You have to work a little to get to know them and that makes it feel like there’s something mysterious and alluring underneath the surface.

4. They’re never too busy working a room to talk to you.

5. They’re more sincere. He might not come right out and say you have dazzling eyes, but what he says matters.

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6. You have less reason to be intimidated by them.

7. When they finally open up to you it feels super special.

8. While the other ladies at the party are all up on that center-of-attention Gosling lookalike, you can have the shy guy all to yourself.

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9.  It’s fun to go ahead and make the move yourself.

10. Joseph Gordon Levitt in 10 Things I Hate About You. So attractive, right?