I just read this article on Men’s Health, “20 Things She Notices About You” — and while it was written by a woman, it certainly wasn’t something that I felt I agreed with (skin tone? no).

So, without trying to judge or censor myself too much, right off the top of my head, here are the 10 things I first notice about men.


If he’s hot.

This doesn’t discount all the less hot guys out there, but, let’s be honest, if a guy looks like a model, it’s the first thing I notice.


If he’s (possibly) gay.

Where I live, it seems like there’s about a one in four chance of a guy being gay. I try to suss it out as soon as possible, to save myself the awkward futile flirting.


How he’s dressed.

I don’t judge, I just notice, and honestly, yes, probably make assumptions based on what he’s wearing. (Example: A suit at 6:30 on a weeknight? He probably has a certain type of job. Skinny jeans? His taste in music is probably way cooler than mine, etc.)


Who he’s with.

Is he with a girl? Then interest immediately aborted: I’ll probably assume he’s taken. Is he with a group of friends? Fun, good to know he’s social. Is he alone? Ah-ha


Does he have a tattoo?

Some girls love tattoos, some girls hate them; I’m mostly just curious to see if he has one.


Does he have an accent?

Bonus points. No matter where from.


Does he laugh easily?

A guy who laughs easily seems at east with himself, and charming. It’s appealing! Brooding is rarely as sexy in real life as it is on TV.


Does he have a girlfriend?

This is surprisingly far down on the list for such an important piece of information, but truthfully, it can be hard to determine whether a guy is taken or not! Making eye contact across the room is a good indication that maybe he isn’t, but until it comes up in conversation, you can never be too sure.


His arm muscle.

Totally not a pre-requisite for interest, of course, and not even something I notice from across the room. But up close, if a guy has defined arms…well, I mean. You notice.


His manners.

It sounds so futsy, but even the hottest guy at the bar can lose his appeal for lack of manners. Saying something rude to the bartender, saying something unwanted and crass to a girl, even belching can lose points with me. He doesn’t have to have the manners of a Regency clergyman, but some apparent knowledge of social mores is essential.

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