Is he responsible?

Traveling to a wedding can involve lots of planning, ticket buying, gift getting, card writing, hotel room reserving, etc. Does he take charge? Or, the weekend before the wedding, do you have to say “aren’t we supposed to go to Tallahassee next weekend?”

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Is he an adult?

If you haven’t been dating long, you might not have gotten to check him out when he’s acting like an actual adult. Wearing a tux. Talking courteously with the elderly. Using a napkin. Etc.

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Can he dance?

There was recently an article on The Frisky called Dealbreaker: He Didn’t Dance about just that. I thought the author was being pretty picky. Two left feet is not a dealbreaker, but it’s something to know about. Also, you learn a sh*tload of stuff about people watching them dance and dance with them. Are they silly? Will they be good in bed (if you don’t know yet?) Are you two a good fit? Does he have that “I’m trying to hump something” look in his eye while he’s dancing? All this is good to know, and the future of your relationship might depend on it.


Is he good with kids?

Is he comfortable dancing with the flower girl? Or… freaked? Do his little cousins crawl all over him, or sheepishly call him “Uncle George” (his name is Kevin)?


What are his old college buddies like?

If you’re going to a wedding of a friend of his, you will get to meet the whole friend-fam, where you will see the full capacity of what he can drink and the chaos that ensues. This could lead to a lot more knowledge about ex-girlfriends, the smell of his puke, or secrets about his past. (HE WAS IN THE GLEE CLUB!)

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Can you travel together?

You might not be at the point in your relationship where you’d go on an actual vacation together, but going to a wedding is like a test run. You’ll find out if he annoys the sh*t out of you on airplanes, if his travel style vibes with yours, what he is like in a new environment, etc.

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Is he good to you?

Here is when you will find out if he treats you like a lady. Introduces you to his friends. Makes sure you have a drink. If he drags you to a wedding where you don’t know anyone and he peaces out the second you arrive, you should ditch. I mean the wedding ceremony, not just him. Get out of there ASAP.

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Is he a total mush?

A poll in Glamour found that 26% of dudes cry during wedding ceremonies. That number does not seem to jive with my own findings. (I can’t remember how many guys I’ve seen cry at weddings — there haven’t been many.) But maybe the dudes that answered this poll as criers because they want to be emotional. They are crying in their minds. Anyway, even if he doesn’t cry, maybe you’ll notice a softer side, which can be interesting.


Is he in this for the long haul?

Sometimes guys realize that they are really content in their relationships at weddings and they pull you a little closer. Or they might get freaked and run away. A wedding can be the thing that pushes the relationship forward into whatever direction it was headed anyway, just way faster.

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Are you in this for the long haul?

Hey, how you doin? Were you dreaming of your own wedding during the ceremony or did you have a sick feeling in your stomach? Can you see yourself with this guy or what? I’m pretty sure that after you go to a wedding with him, you’ll know.

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