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So... Wanna Play? 5 Social Sports Dates in Boston

If your idea of a great date involves a little motor coordination and a tiny lick of competitive spirit, lucky you -- Boston's got it in spades. Justin Obey, co-founder and president of Social Boston Sports, channels the ingenuity and intense high-five-ability of the city through a slew of social and sporty meetups, from kickball and beer pong leagues to skydiving and walking for hunger.

The following are 5 of Justin's favorite active date ideas in Boston, injecting a little sweaty sweetness where it counts most. -- Christine Liu, Boston Community Manager


The date: How Hookup... go for a run around the Charles River.

Why it's great: Depending on who you’re talking to, running may be a bit intimidating, so feel free to modify this with a walk or jog. The point here is to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and have some time to chat and get to know each other.

Want to go? Click here.


The date: How Hookup... go bowling at Kings.

Why it's great: Doing something active is a great thing to do on a first date. It’s fun, there is something to chat about if the conversation is struggling and it’s better than the usual “let's get drinks.”

Want to go? Click here.


The date: How Hookup... go for a bike ride.

Why it's great: Check out Urban Adventours and rent a couple bikes, or join them on a bike tour of Boston.

Want to go? Click here.


The date: How Hookup... go to a wine tasting.

Why it's great: Try to go to a fun wine tasting; something social. We at Social Boston Sports team up with great venues throughout the city to put on fun wine tastings throughout the year (last thing we want to do is to show up to a wine tasting and be told to sit down while being lectured at). Another great event surrounding wine is Wine Riot.

Want to go? Click here.


The date: How Hookup... go on our own private pub-crawl.

Why it's great: Pick 3 or 4 of your favorite spots in one neighborhood of Boston and hop from one to the next, grabbing a drink and an app at each place. This will give you something fun to do (not boring) and plenty of time to talk and get to know your date.

Want to go? Click here.

Get your social calendar filled with an embarrassment of riches with all the exciting events being planned over at Social Boston Sports, and then propose a date here!


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