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Sweet and Vicious: How Hookup...DRINK

Last night at Sweet and Vicious, we had the first "How Hookup...DRINK" event. It was simple enough - the people from get together, have some drinks in a cool spot and enjoy. That's it. It was grand to meet new people AND to see a few dates getting set-up.

Observation of the night:

Women show up earlier and men show up late.

8:30 PM, attractive single women start rolling in, getting some drinks. Girl-to-guy ration 3-1.

11:00 PM, the drinking is still going. But now the gents outnumber the women 0- no joke - 3-1.

While 9:45 - 10:45 seemed like a sweet spot, here's a tip for next time for all the players, hustlers, and um...people who just want to get a date...out there (on either side of the gender line) come a little earlier (dudes) and a little later (ladies)...for those who aren't straight, just come whenever and bring your crew. HowHookup is for everyone.

Brian did a terrible job taking pictures. Next time.