There’s been some speculation that this is a joke, but I think it’s sincere: a bunch of grownups are trying to start and international “fort club.”

Forts and the Inbetween from Wesley Bruce on Vimeo.

You know, I wanted to think this was dumb, but… forts are AWESOME. Seriously when’s the last time you built a legit, inhabitable couch/blanket fort? They’re magic, alright? Magic!

And you know what make a great date? MAGIC. Building a fort, therefore, must be one of the top date ideas imaginable, right?

Why It’s a Great Date
Building something together can be a real bonding experience (especially if it’s something ridiculous). You’ll laugh together, you’ll be humbled by how tricky it can be to make gravity work for you, and at the end you’ll have an awesome FORT that you can HANG OUT IN.

What You’ll Need
Blankets, Sheets, Pillows, Rope, Twine, Sticks, Mattresses, etc. It’s pretty intuitive. Just look around at all the stuff you have and think “What would be cozy and how do I make it sturdy?”

Snacks (for eating inside of fort), A Flashlight (for night-time fort activities), Whatever else you might want to have in the fort (comic books, beers, drawing materials, etc).

Oh! And a camera. So that you can document the process and send pictures to [email protected]

Go play.


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