I feel so validated right now, you don’t even know. A while ago, I wrote about my first date, and how I ruined it by putting the armrest down at the movie. I have felt foolish about this for the past, oh, ten years. But apparently, I’m not alone!

Lovely blogger Joanna Goddard recently wrote about her first date with the man who became her husband. The whole account is very sweet, but this line in particular stood out to me:

“He later admitted that he thought the date was shot when I didn’t lean on his armrest at the movie, but instead leaned toward the other side.”

Oh my god! It’s not just an adolescent thing: men, grown-up, adult MEN really look at the armrest as a sign! And women look at it as a place to rest their arm while they become fully engrossed in the movie.

If more people knew this about the opposite sex, who knows how many seemingly discouraging movie dates would have lead to something more?