Been cheated on lately? Tar and feather ‘em! Or rather, sign on to and make sure no one dates (or hires) your ex again. is a new site that’s sort of like a hybrid of MySpace and The National Sex Offender Registry. People upload photos of cheaters (including name, location, ethnicity, etc.), along with descriptions of their crimes. The slogan? “Don’t Be The Last To Know.”

The descriptions range from the succinct (“I treated her as my potential wife but she cheated over me like million times with other boys.”) to the very, very verbose.

You can search for specific people, or just browse the “Cheaters Of The Day,” if reading vindictive, poorly-written anecdotes is your thing. (No judgment…it just became my “thing” for the past 20 minutes or so.)

As The Gloss points out, the problem with the site is that while yes, cheating is bad, this site will let anyone post whatever they want about anyone, and there’s no guarantee anything on the site is true. Dangerous in a world of Google searching: the internet is permanent.

What do you guys think? Is this site a silly, cathartic way to blow off steam after a bad breakup? Or a dangerous forum for slander? (A lawsuit against a similar site,, was dismissed in 2020, but that site has since removed its profiles and is now publishing dating content.)
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