It’s official: Amy Adams is the new Lois Lane. It’s exciting news, for this particular nerd anyway. But how will she fare as compared to the Lois Lanes of the past? Mostly in terms of hotness, I mean.

All I can say is she’s got some big (and probably hard to walk in) shoes to fill.

Here’s a brief history of Loises, rated from 1-10. In terms of hotness, mostly.

Noel Neill

Played LL in the first Superman serial and again, later, on television. Neill’s Lane was more of a girl than a woman, more of a junior sidekick than a love interest.

Her Super Powers

Soft, pretty hair. Big Phone.

Her Kryptonite

Kind of irritating. Always getting tied to train tracks.

LLHS* Rating: 5

(of 10)

* Lois Lane Hotness Spectrum, natch!

Phyllis Coates

Brief TV stint as Lois Lane. Nailed the ambitious reporter, missed the chemistry.

Her Super Powers

Didn’t take no guff from nobody.

Her Kryptonite

Unfortunately, just not sexy at all.

LLHS Rating: 3

Patricia Marand

She played LL in the broadway musical version of Superman.

Her Super Powers

Singing. Looks kind of like Annette Funicello.

Her Kryptonite

Doesn’t look that much like Annette Funicello.

LLHS Rating: 6

Margot Kidder

The true Lois. This is the woman who stole Superman’s heart.

Her Super Powers

Big, blinky eyes. Adorable bangs. Totally hot Veronica Corningstone outfits. Drinks and smokes. Tendency to get very flustered, but not really embarrassed. Barely contained raw sexuality whenever she gets anywhere the Man of Steel.

Her Kryptonite

Her makeup kind of sucks?

LLHS Rating: 8

Teri Hatcher

Before Desperate Housewives, Teri was the first Lois Lane to be portrayed as an overt sex symbol on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Her Super Powers

The first time I ever heard the term “rack” was in reference to hers. It seemed to me at the time that they had to invent a new word for it.

Her Kryptonite

Acting: She can’t do it so good. Also, she has a weird mouth.

LLHS Rating: 7

Erica Durance

Plays teenage Lois on Smallville.

Her Super Powers

Erica Durance is really ridiculously good looking. Also, she’s the only Lois with combat skills.

Her Kryptonite

She tends to get into a lot of silly situations where she has to wear skimpy latex outfits and pole dance or wrestle or something. Oh, wait– Not actually a weakness.

LLHS Rating: 8

Kate Bosworth

Lois in Superman Returns. Abandoned, sad single mom Lois. Apparently Kate Bosworth is supposed to be really hot, but to me she looks like one of those big-headed Steve Madden ads.

Her Super Powers

Um… loyalty?

Her Kryptonite

Major baggage. Weepy face.

LLHS Rating: 4

Which brings us to Amy Adams. My prediction is that she’ll fall somewhere in the Kidder/Durance territory. Given director Zack Snyder’s propensity for gratuitous skin, however, she could bust right through the ceiling.

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