Not traditionally known as a “runner’s” city… Los Angeles (home of the LA Marathon) does have a niche of running aficionados who all really know what Missing Person’s meant when they sang “Nobody Walks In LA.” For runners out there who are looking to share their mutual passion via a scenic and romantic running date, here are a few suggestions.

1. Venice Beach

The date: How Hookup…lace up and go for a scenic run around the Venice Canals.

Why it’s great: The surrounding area is quaint, featuring a variety of parks and is fairly close to Venice Beach’s bike path (for a long distance running pair). It even has gondolas in the water (good for post-run boat rides). Photo by Joan S. on Yelp

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2. Sullivan Canyon, Pacific Palisades

The date: How Hookup…take an adventurous trail run through Sullivan Canyon Preservation.

Why it’s great: The out and back 7 mile trail through the canyon is a secluded hideaway that rarely has other runners milling about. Scattered along the trail are great places to sit, a few man-made rope swings and creeks/mini-waterfalls depending on the time of year. Photo by JT

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3. Griffith Park

The date: How Hookup…put our headlamps to use and go for a moonlit run up to Griffith Observatory.

Why it’s great: Griffith Park with its many trails/hiking paths to choose from offers plenty of ways to get up to the Observatory. The nighttime view of Los Angeles after running up to the top is also pretty gratifying. Photo by Angela H. on Yelp

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4. Marina Del Rey

The date: How Hookup…take a breezy beach run through Fisherman’s Village.

Why it’s great: A route along the bike path will take you through the harbor, over bridges and along the beach. And… There are plenty of places to grab coconut water or an icy treat in Fisherman’s Village for refueling afterward. Photo by Joan S. on Yelp

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5. Catalina Island

The date: How Hookup…go across the water for a run along the Catalina/Avalon trail.

Why it’s great: Among one of several trail running paths to choose from on the island, the path on this trail is fairly flat and wide. View highlights include: The Los Angeles Basin, nearby Botanical Gardens and plenty of unobstructed flora/fauna native to the island. Photo by Katrina S. on Yelp

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JT is a Los Angeles-based running blogger who was born, raised and runs in the City of Angels.

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