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Royal Wedding Roundup: Kate Middleton Pez Dispensers, Playing Cards, And How To Curtsy To The Queen

When was the last time a love story made headlines and spurred a cottage-industry of products and souvenirs? Not in our lifetime! We're keeping our eye on the most famous couple in the world, as the Royal Wedding frenzy reaches a fever pitch.

The obsession with the Royal Wedding says something interesting about the state of modern love. Prince Charles and Lady Diana failed our parents by having a fairy tale wedding, followed by a nasty, public divorce. Now it's up to Kate and Will to set things right and restore our faith in "Happily Ever After."


At the very least, they're providing British tax payers with their money's worth by letting the entire world analyze and obsess over their relationship.

So what's going on with the Royal couple today?

The Official Wedding Cake

Kate and William will be following British tradition and having two cakes at their wedding: an informal groom's cake, and a wedding cake.

The wedding cake is some kind of a tiered fruit cake (gross), and the top layer is supposed to be saved for the Christening of their first child. (OMG Royal Baby Fever is going to be in-sane.)

The Groom's cake is rumored to be made out of McVittie's Digestive Biscuits, which are delicious but also not sexy. Interesting. [National Post]

Royal Wedding Etiquette

If you think there is even the SLIGHTEST CHANCE that you might snag a last minute invite to the royal wedding, you had better start practicing your curtsy RIGHT NOW.

Please don't over do it--a quick bob, while keeping your weight on your front foot will suffice.

Curtsy when you are presented to a royal, AND when they leave the room.

(A word of caution: Kate Middleton's mom said "Pleased to meet you" instead of "How do you do?" when she met the queen for the first time and has NEVER LIVED IT DOWN.) [BBC]

Kate's Bachelorette Party

Actually it's called a "hen party" in England, and apparently the future princess spent it at the home of a friend, at a party organized by her sister and Maid of Honor, Pippa.

William had a bachelor party ("stag night") organized by his brother Prince Harry and nightclub owner Guy Pelly, at a "nearby estate". Sounds like that beats Medieval Times, eh? [DailyMail]

Royal Wedding Ice Cream Cake

Never one to miss out on a marketing opportunity, Baskin-Robbins has unveiled a royal wedding ice cream cake, decorated with 30 blue (blue? why? cause of "blue blood?" I don't get it.) English roses, inspired by the gardens of the Cotswolds.

Alright, fair play, Baskin-Robbins, but I think maybe some Welsh daffodils would have been better, since they are the Prince and Princess of WALES, and not of the Cotswolds, which by the way is not populated with blue roses. [WindsorKnot]

Royal Wedding Donuts

Dunkin Donuts has also capitalized on the wedding by introducing a Royal Wedding Donut, aka a chocolate jelly donut in the shape of a heart. Lucky for Royals enthusiasts, Dunkin Donuts are frequently located WITHIN Baskin-Robbins, so you can pick up your Royal Wedding cake and donuts in one fell swoop! [WindsorKnot]

Need some new playing cards?

I don't really know how you'd play these, but I'm sure you can think of something.

Wedding Prep

In London, preparations are well underway for the wedding day parade. London is expecting 10,000 tourists to flock to the city to get a glimpse of the happy couple.

Apparently, there will be lots and lots of chocolate. Check out more pictures here. [Today]

Royal Wedding Pez Dispensers

These are horrifying and I absolutely need them so don't you dare try to outbid me when they go up for auction. [National Post]

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