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Thank God For Cloud, The Company That Will Make You A Fake Girlfriend

Cloud Girlfriend is a soon-to-be-launched company that will make you a fake girlfriend that you can publicly interact with on Facebook and Twitter -- just not, of course, in real life. Sadly, the market for this is much larger than you'd think.

I'm sure we can all think of certain lonely, slightly off-putting guys in our acquaintance whom we could imagine ordering something like this. But the fake Facebook girlfriend phenomenon doesn't just affect the socially awkward...

About 6 months ago, I got a Facebook Friend request from a girl I didn't recognize, but with whom I had about 6 friends in common. So I asked my friend Kevin who she was.

"Oh, that's just Cory's fake girlfriend." He told me.

Apparently, Cory, who had gone through a recent breakup, decided his Facebook wall needed a little female attention. So naturally, he got his friend Kevin to give it to him, by making up an elaborate fake Facebook profile, complete with interests, educational background (fake girlfriend went to Columbia, natch), lots of "Friends," and, perhaps most importantly, hot pictures.

'So who's the girl in the picture??" I asked him.
"I dunno, we found her on Google."

So, to conclude, I am very grateful for Cloud Girlfriend, and I hope it really takes off. It will save people like my friends Kevin and Cory from being arrested for identity theft.

And maybe one day, someone will clue them in to the fact that the best way to get a dream girlfriend isn't to invent her, it's to go out and meet her.

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