Ever wish you could read the minds of the opposite sex? My answer is: all the damn time. Fortunately style blogs make that possible – or at least possible to know what they want with any given photo post. Below are a few sartorial shots favored by the opposite sex and culled from my blogroll. Now the only dilemma is: to what date should one wear her cargo shirtdress or his tuxedo?

Gentlemen on Ladies

The Bengal Stripe is a menswear blog that actually splits time pretty evenly between the sexes. For that reason, we love it. And its author Nicolas Lazaro loves chicks on bikes wearing straw boaters and espadrille sandals. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon in the park.

If you thought a little black dress was boring, you obviously weren’t looking to dudes for advice. Getting Beat Like You Stole Something recommends this silk frock by United Bamboo with back draping that will “make that moment when she turns her head to look back at you as she walks across the party even that more memorable.” Get it for that comment alone, ladies.

Mister Mort is, like, the comptroller of all things cool and weird from Brooklyn to the Bay, and these two “birds in olive drab” caught his eye last week. Proof positive that men dig chicks who look comfortable?

Jake Davis is a filmmaker whose “Test Shots” series depicts the icons of today in their natural light and glory. He recently worked with Cassie on a Wiz Khalifa video, dressing her up in fantastic white jeans and a simple tank. Attitude is more than enough of an accessory here.

Unabashedly Prep is the blog of photographer and stylist Fred Castleberry, and it is aptly named: everything he posts is preppy in the truest sense (although “truest” is often hotly debated in comment threads). This lady in Palm Beach recently caught his eye. Pool- or beach-bound, she looks easy and breezy in sheer cotton and flat sandals. Ladies, the message is clear: Less is more.

Ladies on Gentlemen

Menswear is notoriously slow to evolve so women who love it learn quickly that God is in the details. The Significant Other manages to find the best of those details, and most of them are material – a suede sneaker, chambray scarf, perfectly rolled chinos. Get with the program, dudes!

That Kind of Woman also knows exactly what kind of man she’s looking for – a little cool, a little classic, and a lot of swagger. This fellow, captured on film for Curator of DC Style makes the grade in bright yellow trousers and printed slippers. Guys, neverbe afraid to add a little color to your ensemble. Women are magpies and gravitate to the brightness.


For more high fashion and less high street, Haute Like Couture gives good coverage (and hilarious commentary). She recently went bananas for Alexander Wang’s first menswear collection, a black-on-black-on-black post-apocalyptic tribute to The Matrix. So, men, if you like your leather slick, your boots thick, and your mood ominous, this is the girl for you.

Not so much a blog, per se, but Emerson Made has all the bloggers besotted by her quirky take on traditional New England prep. Her husband (whose name we do not know) works for the brand as well and serves as inspiration to the gents. And these gents are all wearing madras ties with tiny linen “jack tacks” – flower pins for the necktie. Adorable! I mean, handsome!

All photos sourced from the corresponding blog unless otherwise stated.

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