This post is NOT JUST BECAUSE OF THE ROYAL WEDDING. Okay, maybe it’s a little bit because of the Royal Wedding. But the truth of the matter is, Britain is secretly a land filled with amazing slang.

American slang is also great, of course. But it’s time to get some new players in! (I, for one, am so tired of the term “hooking-up.” I’m just bored of it.)

Might I propose a swap of slang between nations? Britain can start using our hilarious idioms and words, and we can steal some of theirs. Sound good? Cracking.


verb. To seduce a desirable person, to sexually attract someone. Used commonly after a night out to describe romantic successes.

ex. I pulled this gorgeous grad student at the Union Hall on Saturday night.

Tom always has the worst luck pulling. He needs a wingman.


noun. Slut. Except, somehow, (at least to an American ear), the “a” makes it seem way less harsh than “slut”.

ex. Katie is such a slut slag.

Slag Tag

noun. Tramp Stamp! (This is fun, right?)


verb. To make out.

ex: I didn’t have sex with him — we only snogged for a bit and then turned on “The Biggest Loser.”

Note: this might be the most difficult for an American to pull off in casual conversation. (Are they all difficult for an American to pull of? Am I delusional?)


noun. A fight.

ex. Do you mind if I crash at your place tonight? I just had a huge row with my boyfriend.

Note: It rhymes with “cow”. I know this, yet will 100% pronounce it the other way the first time I try to use this in conversation, just you wait.


V. To have sex with someone.

ex. The other day I randomly got a Facebook message from Austin Powers, that spy who shagged me!

And just in case you travel to Britain soon….

Pissed: In America, it means angry. In Britain, it means drunk.


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