When we launched HowHookup.com last April, we had a hunch that people were tired of the “dinner and a movie” date and were looking for new kinds of dates. Magical dates. Classic dates. Wild dates. Creative dates. Lovely dates. It’s been 1 year and 100,000 HowHookup dates have been posted. Thousands of couples have amazing first date memories. And it’s awesome.

People are still romantic, people are still looking for love, and people still want to go out with each other — they just need a new way to do it.

Because we’ve learned so much about dates this past year, we’d like to celebrate our 1 year anniversary by sharing with you some practical tips we’ve gleaned from our data.

Propose a date tonight, go out this weekend, and join the ever-growing group of couples who are helping us reinvent the first date.

Happy Dating!
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5 Essential Tips To Land a Date This Weekend :

1) Break the Norms

Men and women are asking one another out at equal rates and in fact, ladies are at a slight advantage. Dates proposed by women get an average of 5.4 responses each, while men get about 4.9.

2) Be Specific

Dates that involve doing something, such as eating at a specific restaurant or doing a specific activity, are 40% more successful than a ambiguous date ideas. Such as,

“How Hookup try and complete a jigsaw puzzle (500 pieces) while sampling one of Gorilla Coffee’s famous maple lattes?”

So, a date like this one

will probably have a better response rate than this one (sorry, Nick):

3) Plan Ahead

Wednesday is the best day to ask someone out on a date. The worst day to propose a date? Sunday.


4) Keep it Short

A date idea that gets communicated in the 120-140 character range is ideal, so keep it to the length of a Tweet.

5) 2-Part Dates Have the Most Success

60% of the most responded to dates are two-fold: a short, active first part followed by a more intimate second location. Like,

“How Hookup practice our slices at the driving range then get some slices at my favorite brick-oven pizza joint – it’s just a few blocks away.”

These two have it right:

Extra Credit: 5 More Fun Facts:

+ Men Are More Wordy.

Overall, men’s date ideas are longer than women’s. Specifically, LA is the most verbose city while Boston is the most concise.

+ Save the Fancy Stuff For Later.

Men like to propose dates at fancy restaurants, but they have the lowest rate-of-response. Keep the first date casual and you’re 3x more likely to be successful.

+ Meeting for Drinks Never Goes Out Of Style.

It’s the most suggested – and most responded to – date idea. Update the classic by suggesting a funky mixology bar or low-key dive to showcase your personality.

+ The Way To The Heart Really Is Through The Stomach…

…but you have to be creative about it. Dates in the “Culinary Adventures” category are 2x more likely to get a response than general dinner dates.

+ The No-Fail Formula for a Great First Date…

…is a combination of all of the above: 1 part alcohol + 1 part activity + 1 specific location. Example: “How Hookup … play ping pong and enjoy a craft beer at the Standard Hotel’s outdoor beer garden?”

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