Obviously, I loved The Hairpin’s ingenious list of People You Might Not Want To Have Casual Sex With. I happen to be a master at finding reasons to not have sex with someone, so here are my contributions:

-People who don’t give up their seat on the subway for the elderly or pregnant people.

-People who are picky eaters.

-People who are miners, for no reason other than I really love the image above.

-People who abbreviate you’re to “ur” even when completely unnecessary.

-People who only have a mattress on the floor despite having moved in more than six months ago.

-People who have roommates RIGHT outside who are probably listening.

-People who don’t cut their toenails (gross and potentially painful).

-People with lots of pictures of their family around their bed. Staring at you.

-People who “have an early start” the next morning.

-People who still have a bag full of condoms the RA gave them in college.

-People with Beanie Baby collections.

-People with pets that climb up on the bed.

-People who put on mood music, and the mood music is Al Green, and it is not a joke.

-People who have previously been with your BFF.

-People who are in charge of you at work.

Actually, the sad thing is that I could probably write this all day, so I think I’ll stop now. But yeah, check out The Hairpin’s list for even more people you might not want to have casual sex with.