Now THIS is how you keep a relationship strong.

Jackie and Larry ain’t singin’ for fame. They’re singin’ for love. And there’s a treasure trove of green-screened karaoke gems to prove it.

Here are the five best.

Islands In The Stream


Nice assortment of scenic backgrounds, you guys. WAIT– they’re all of islands and streams aren’t they?! Awww, you two.

Golden Ring


Tiny Larry: “Look at the size of that microphone, man. That is HUUUGE!”

Dream Lover


I love how aggressive Larry is on the chorus. “Because I WANT! a GIRL! to CALL! my OWN!” Relax, bro. You got one.

Blanket On The Ground


Keep your eyes on the ROAD, Larry!

You Make Lovin’ Fun


Larry. I love you man, but that’s some half-assed air guitar. Good thing y’all make up for it by FEELIN’ THE VOX SO HARD.

Muskrat Love


Muskrat Ghosts!

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