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11 Years Old and Ready for Love?

And speaking of children dating, a new poll shows that a whopping 79% of kids ages 11-14 surveyed have been in or are currently in a relationship and more than half (56%) feel it is important for people their age to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. What is happening to this generation? Hannah Montana on a stripper pole is one thing, monogamy is quite another.

I have thirty-year old friends who have never been in a relationship, but Hannah's younger siblings are putting them to shame. Or think about Another Bad Creation. Look at how young these guys looked when they came out with the 11-year old romantic love song - Iesha.

So tell me, is eleven too young to be boyfriend-girlfriend? And how old were you when you went on your first date?

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    28 / Male / Straight
    New York

    I was the age of ABC when they came out, and I thought they were amazing. I used to bump their album, and I still know the lyrics to a few of their songs!

    As for kids these days, they always seem worse then they are.

    I was working with a non-profit running a baseball camp and the kids would sing "magic stick" on the bus ride to the park. Even though I was shocked I remembered that I would sing along to (and knew the meaning of) O.P.P by naughty by nature when I was a kid.

    The fact is, we were just as stupid and horny, and another fact is most of them are still too scared.

    Sexuality is a healthy thing, so long as their parents are teaching them a bit, and providing appropriate context.

    April 6, 2020 at 7:16pm

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