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The 12 Hour Date: Yelp DC's Favorite Date Spots, from AM to PM

You know those dates so great you can't bear for them to end? Dates that drag on from brunch, to a long walk, to happy hour, to a dinner picnic, to an extended make-out sesh in front of your apartment building? Tara Lewis, Queen B of Yelp DC, does (minus the make-out sesh, of course. We don't want to be presumptuous). This week, Yelp's in-the-know Washington gal-about-town presents us with the perfect 12 hour date.

Do it all with one lucky dude or chick, or just choose one of the below per date (you player, you). Either way, any and all of Tara's 12 hour date activities are sure to land you another date.

1. Brunch With A View

The Date: How Hookup…grab some brunch at Perry’s?

Why It’s Great: Perry’s is classy without being stuffy. The staff is professional, the food is great and the Drag Queen show on Sundays is sure to take any edge off and break the ice. Plus with spring in the air, you’ll be able to linger on the rooftop and take in a view from above.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

2. Sugar High

The Date: How Hookup…get wild and crazy with some caffeine and sugar at Baked and Wired.

Why It’s Great: Don’t worry about spotting the shop. It may be tucked away on Thomas Jefferson Street in Georgetown, but once you spot the pink, vintage bicycle out front, feel confident that you have arrived at your destination. Enjoy hippy granola, split a decadent cupcake and get philosophical over latte art.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

3. Mid-Day Arte Moderne

The Date: How Hookup… check out the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Why It’s Great: Ahh, the joys of modern art. The pieces here will either evoke emotions, make you scratch your head, or both. Either was it’s sure to capture your attention and spark conversation, rain or shine. And if there is no rain and just shine, take a walk in the Sculpture Garden and take in the breeze in one of it’s cozy nooks. Just make sure your date does not run into the fountain.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

4. Free, Freefallliiiiinng

The Date: How Hookup…swing through the air at Trapeze School.

Why It’s Great: Nothing like a quick adrenaline rush before dinner. Not only will this be a bonding experience if you both go through with it, but it’s a great way to put your trust in someone else.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

5. Louisiana Lovin'

The Date: How Hookup…spice things up with dinner at Acadiana.

Why It’s Great: A taste of Cajun cooking in an elegant restaurant that manages to pull off regality without pretention. Get experimental with the Classic Turtle Soup and Buffalo Frog Legs w/Blue Cheese Coleslaw. Slurp down some oysters and become smitten by the Cornmeal Crusted Catfish.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

6. Wisdom With The Wealthy Missionary

The Date: How Hookup…grab some cocktails at Wisdom.

Why It’s Great: It’s cozy, off the beaten path and serves absinthe. What is there not to like? Okay, so maybe you don’t like absinthe. What you will like is the privacy here in this dim lit cocktail lounge which getting acquainted with the Wealthy Missionary a little easier. (Calm down folks – it’s just a drink.) There are also little private cubbies where you and your date can sit, shielded by a curtain to ensure that the paparazzi doesn’t get a shot of you out on your hot date.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

What now that your mind is blown, you senses satiated, your body weary, and your vision blurry with an absinthe buzz? Go in for the big mwah, of course, and call it a night...and on your next date, maybe go with (dare we say it?) dinner and a movie.

Tara Lewis is the Washington DC Community Manager for review community juggernaut Yelp. For more date ideas throughout the city, check out Yelp DC on Twitter and Facebook.

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