Of all of the reasons to hook up with a woman (of which there are MANY), getting to sample all the girly products in their shower has got to be in the top 5. When I think of where my life would be without the influence of my time spent in the bath chambers of the fairer sex, I shudder.

Here are 5 products that I learned about from showering with women that have CHANGED MY LIFE. Maybe they’ll change yours, too.

1. Phytorhum Shampoo

I was a 22-year-old, long-haired, no-good-nick working in a sandwich shop dating a 26-year-old ex-publicist from LA. The things that woman had in her shower! Her shampoo came in a glass bottle and had rum and egg yolk in it. How did it make my hair SO SOFT but NOT PUFFY? I liked it so much that she got me my own bottle for my birthday. Mostly so I’d stop using hers, but still.

2. Cucumber Melon

Cucumber Melon became my scent of choice for YEARS. Body wash, shampoo — anything they made that had that not-too-crisp/not-too-sweet smell, I would wash with it. Now that Old Spice makes a body wash, I’ll never go back, but man me and Cukey Melon had some times.

3. St. Ives Apricot Scrub

You aren’t really supposed to use more than a dime-sized dollop of this stuff. You’re also not supposed to put it ALL OVER YOUR BODY. In one relationship, I got in trouble for both. Regularly.

But what the hell was I supposed to do? It smelled so good and it had these little sandy scrubby things in it that really smoothed out my man-shoulders.

4. Ladies’ Leg Razors

Of course it’s a nicer shave. Ladies leg razors are made for curvy lady-legs. They really have to be able to hug the turns. Compared to a woman’s legs, my face is like a freshly laid patch of tar on a damn runway. Plus they’ve got those handy grips.

5. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

All my life, I only ever wanted my hair to look the way it did after coming home from a long day of swimming in the ocean. I had no idea that there was enough demand for this look that scientists were actually working on it. I really though there was nothing I could do until I saw a little bottle of Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray sitting on my girlfriend’s bathroom counter.

Could it be? It was. It really was. Ultimately it was too expensive a habit to maintain and I switched to Garnier Fructis Style Surf Hair Paste (which kind of makes me feel like Bela Lugosi fighting the giant fake squid in Ed Wood, but, you know, times is tight).

I know I can’t be alone here. Guys. Share your stories of beauty product discovery with us in comments!

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