Do you remember the MTV show “Room Raiders?” Well, a girl’s brain works like that all the time — meaning, when we see your bedroom for the first time we’re looking around with our fingers crossed, desperately hoping we won’t find anything, you know…weird.

There are some definite bedroom dealbreakers (Nazi paraphernalia, a dead body, a well-thumbed copy of The Da Vinci Code), but other, more subtle adornments can also have us running for the hills. Or, not running for the hills but dying a little bit inside, depending on how stringent our standards are on that night.

Boys, read through the following list: do you have more than 2 of these offending items in your bedroom? Not good.

1. Pajama pants that are anything other than plaid. (Especially ones with baseballs, smiley faces, scrabble tiles, food items, clouds, or cats.)

2. Lame stolen street signs

3. Old bowl of Mac N’Cheese

4. Black lights.

5. Gilmore Girls on DVD

6. Condom wrappers/used condoms

7. Glade candles everywhere.

8. Large stuffed animals, emphasis on the plural.

9. Pictures of ex-girlfriend on display.

10. That poster of Albert Einstein with his tongue sticking out. Or Scarface poster. Or that poster from Animal House. Or a Bob Marley poster.

What else, what else? What should we add to the list? (And, guys — what don’t you want to see in a girl’s bedroom?