Yesterday, Chiara posted a list of 10 things guys should not have in their bedrooms, which featured items that more or less conjured the image of an untidy, odorous, and decoratively trite being (which is to say, a man).

Now, while I can’t think of many adornments that would actually send a guy running from a woman’s bedroom, I thought it’d be appropriate to come up with a list of items that would certainly incur some judgment (at least as much as Chiara hurled upon the poor men who dare like Gilmore Girls).

So here are my ten.

1. A guitar you don’t know how to play (I once went home with a girl who said she had it because “it looked pretty and woody”)

2. Pictures of your cat when your cat is still alive and, in fact, sitting right there on your bed

3. Old bowl of Mac N’Cheese (I submit that women are FAR more culpable on this one!)

4. Scattered Luna Bar wrappers

5. Both the Marilyn Monroe glamour poster and the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” poster (aka the female “Scarface”) – one is OK, but not both

6. A Snuggie

7. More than five pillows on your bed

8. Anything more than one surface level’s worth of makeup products (the floor does not count)

9. A mirror that’s completely covered in pictures, particularly photo booth strips

10. Pregnancy test. Anywhere. Opened or unopened. Hidden or in sight.

Agree/disagree? Anything to add to this list or Chiara’s list? Let us know in the comments!