Here are five date spots that Carrie and the gals deemed worthy.

To some of you, May 28th might be just another Friday night. Others have been waiting for the day since May of 2020, when Sex and the City first graced the silver screen. It’s been two years, but Carrie and the girls are back, along with a few other familiar faces – we’ve spotted Penelope Cruz and Liza Minnelli – and they’re not staying put; the trailer shows the gang in beautifully colorful, yet totally unrealistic designer outfits whilst riding camels in the desert near Abu Dhabi. While we’re excited to see how Samantha takes her Middle Eastern men, we were just as happy when the show stayed true to its namesake, filming in New York City. In honor of the show’s past and anticipation of its return, here are five date spots that Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda hung out in over the years.

Il Cantinori
32 East 10th Street

Carrie celebrates her birthday at Il Cantinori alone in season 4 episode 49, but this downtown Italian restaurant earned a reputation for rustic Tuscan fare way before Carrie got stood up sipping Chianti.

Trapeze School NY
518 West 30th Street

Carrie learns to “let go” – both physically and emotionally – when she does research for a Vogue article involving the flying trapeze. (Season 6, episode 8.) Though it can get pricey, flying across the west side highway is an adrenaline-filled date perfect for adventurous types.

9 Ninth Ave.

When Carrie dates the Russian, who is obsessed with the superiority of Paris over New York, they eat at Pastis. Naturally. (Season 6 episode 9.) Enjoy salty, crispy french fries and highbrow macaroni and cheese in Meatpacking’s premier see-and-be-seen eatery. Warning: It might be hard to focus on your date with so many better-looking people all around you.

Eleven Madison Park
11 Madison Avenue

At Eleven Madison Park it’s class all the way, except when you tell the woman you broke up with because you can’t commit that you’re getting married to a girl half her age, like Big did to Carrie in season 2, episode 18. It’s hard to face the scene of such an epic crime, but the food and service can turn even the most boring of dates into something memorable.

Staten Island Ferry

Carrie and the girls journey to Staten Island to prey on firefighters competing in a calendar competition. (Season 3 Episode 1) Though it can get chilly (and cheesy), it’s kind of romantic watching the city shrink as you get further and further away.