Corey Newman wanted a special way to propose to his girlfriend, so he thought of the BEST PROPOSAL EVER: he (somehow?) took over the crossword puzzle for the Washington Post and proposed to her through that.

Newman came up with the proposal idea after noticing girlfriend Marlowe Epstein completely immersed in the Sunday crossword. He then came up with a puzzle of his own, full of references to the couple, and somehow got the Washington Post to run it.

That morning, Epstein came downstairs to a cup of coffee and Newman working on the puzzle. “I’m stuck,” he told her, so she sat down and the two began working the crossword together.

Clues included:

“‘Shakespeare In Love’ Role” [Marlowe]
“ ‘Casablanca’ screenwriter Julius or Philip.” [Epstein]
“Words with a certain ring to them” [Will You Marry Me]
“Seek to form a union” [Pop The Question]
“Wedding Gown Material” [Lace]

The reason this proposal is so fantastic is that it’s perfectly tailored to the couple, it’s special, and it’s surprising, but most importantly it’s not obnoxiously attention-grabbing.

Watch the adorable video here: (Skip to end for the actual proposal)

[Washington Post]

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