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5 Things Guys Should Know About The Royal Wedding (To Pick Up Girls)

Knowing a bit about the Royal Wedding is the new knowing a bit about Sex and the City. A well-placed reference to "Waity Katie" or an opinion about William not wearing a ring can score you enough "not like other guys" cred to rival Patrick Swayze's ballet training.

All I'm saying: If you're looking to hook up this week or next, taking a few minutes to bone up on the wedding of the century couldn't hurt. Here are your talking points.

1. Brits get the day off from work

This is going to work best on Thursday 4/28 (the wedding is on Friday). Try this as an opener:

You: Man, the British are so lucky to have the day off tomorrow. Wouldn't it be awesome if we did too?

Her: (surprised that you even know when the wedding is happening) Yeah... it would.

You: Well, we could always just pretend we do and pay for it in the morning, I guess.

2. The long courtship

Talk about how William and Kate met in college, so they really got to know each other before deciding to tie the royal knot. You should know that it's a whole lot different than the way Charles and Di did it, and that it gives the people a real sense of hope that this one might actually work out. The length of Kate and William's courtship also suggests that they almost definitely had sex before marriage. You'll probably want to bring that up, too.

3. Kate wears awesome hats

Kate's fancy headwear really tickles a lady's I-wish-I-could-rock-that bone. A well placed "You could TOTALLY rock that," could seal the deal.

4. The ring

William won't be wearing a wedding ring. Kate will. No one really gets why. It's just his "personal preference." There's two ways you could go with this one. A: "It's sort of cool that William is defying tradition and going his own way. It's kind of symbolic of what's so great about this couple, right?" or, B: "Not cool. William should display his love for his wife for everyone to see." Either way should be fine, as long as you have an opinion.

5.Know just a little bit

You don't want to come off as obsessed. Being obsessed with anything isn't exactly a panty-dropper. Being obsessed with the Royal Wedding is the slightly-less-creepy cousin of having a porcelain doll collection.

Good rule of thumb? Always know less about it than she does.

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