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SF's 5 Best Boutique Shop Dates

San Francisco has so many cute boutique shops that make for some quite cute dates. Even if you’re not in the market for some, say, handmade, locally crafted handbags, there’s plenty to look at, try on (for both genders) and talk about. We thought we’d ask our friends at Secession, one of our favorite boutiques, to suggest a few great dates.

1. Sushi and Secession and (possibly) the Morning After

The date: How Hookup... put our name in at Ichi Sushi, then shop at Secession before our name is called. If the date goes really well....Brunch at The Front Porch the next day!

Why it's great: Time the date with one of Secession's openings or happy hours on various Fridays. We'll be supporting local businesses 'altruistically" by looking good and eating great food.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

2. 24th Street Scramble

The date: How Hookup . . . start at 24th and Potrero then head west. We'll marvel at the goods at Arkay Workshop, admire the authentic vintage at Minx, then grab a delicious lunch at Local: Mission Eatery.

Why it's great: Because it’s such a happening street, and we'll be looking hot, then cooling down with homemade sodas!

Want to go on this date? Click here.

3. Upcycle

The date:
How Hookup... brunch at Fattoush, browse Omnivore Books to find Middle-Eastern recipes, then go to Design Quarter and Loft 1513 to get inspired by their innovations and upcycled goods.

Why it's great: A bookstore dedicated to food + tabouli + creative reconstructed goods = yes please!

Want to go on this date? Click here.

4. 18th Street Crawl

The date: How Hookup... do an 18th Street Crawl. Start with sun and sips in Dolores Park, hit the Mission Statement for handmade goods, then dine serendipitously at whichever pop-up restaurant has colonized The Corner that night.

Why it's great: Because we stay on one street so we don't get lost! Even better if it is on 3rd Thursday designer nights at Mission Statement when they provide sales and snacks.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

5. Hayes Valley

The date: How Hookup... Hayes Valley it up! Pick out something fun to wear at RAG Collective, then skip to Straw for dinner?

Why it's great: We'll have cool local one-of-a-kind stuff from the artists' spot, and have a carnival-themed dinner of delicious local food. Even better if we do this on a Monday, as Straw gives 10% of our bill to a local non-profit.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

What are your favorite SF boutique shop dates? Let us know in the comments, or better yet, post your own date on HowHookup!

Secession Art & Design is a hub for emerging and established artists, designers and supporters of San Francisco's independent arts community. It's like an ongoing trunk show of the best locally-produced art and design offerings from the Bay Area and beyond, and this gallery donate a portion of each show's proceeds to local non-profits.


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