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5 Reasons We Believe In Love At First Sight

Yesterday, Scott and I answered what we thought was a pretty standard VYou question about love at first sight: do we believe in it? We both unhesitatingly answered yes, but today we've been surprised at the reaction we've been getting from other people.

Here's the original question:

Pretty straight forward, right? But the second we posted the video, we started getting a lot of comments from people about our answer.

Wrote one:

"How can you choose brains over beauty (from an earlier video), AND believe in love at first sight? They could be an idiot! Explain."

And another:

"What do you consider "Love" to be, if you believe one can fall in love at first site?"

And a friend:

"You believe in falling in love at first sight???"

Ok, so clearly this topic is much more controversial than we originally thought. But Scott and I talked about it again, and are unwavering: we totally believe in love at first sight. Here's why:

1. If with a song, or a puppy, why not a person?

You can fall in love with a song upon first hearing it, a painting upon first viewing it, a movie upon first seeing it, and a person upon first meeting them.

It's not just about looks, because we don't fall head over heels in love with every attractive person who walks by. It's an overall aura or demeanor that you just instantly know, without a doubt, that this person is for you.

2. Allow us to define "love"...

When we say love at first sight, we obviously don't mean the same emotion you feel towards someone you've been seeing for two years, for instance. We don't think love is a fixed emotion, one that you experience in the same way in all situations.

But when we look back on the people we've loved, and ask ourselves when we started loving them, there are some instances for which we can definitively say "from the very first moment."

3. Not a sure fire thing.

If you fall in love with someone at first sight, it doesn't mean that you'll live happily ever after. Maybe you won't even date! But from the second you noticed her balancing a 400 page book on her lap in a crowded coffee shop, or when he helped an older woman reach the top shelf at the grocery store, you have a really strong inkling that this person might become someone special to you.

4. Because Colin Firth believes in love at first sight.

Ok, so this might be Chiara talking more than Scott, but Colin Firth*, the man worshiped and adored by millions, who could literally have any woman in the world, fell in love with his wife of 13 years the second he laid eyes on her.

Yes, she's pretty. But so are lots of women. Sometimes, you just know.

(*Could swap Colin Firth with anyone here, the point is, love at first sight really happens in real life.)

5. "Colpo Di Fulmine"

In Italian, people always say "Colpo Di Fulmine" to define love at first sight: translated into English, it means lightening bolt. In the world of modern dating, people talk a lot about practicality, about compatibility, about expectations and dealbreakers, ticking clocks and taking responsibility for your love life. This is all well and good, but lets not forget that there are forces like chemistry and pure animal attraction over which we have no control.

Sometimes, you fall in love with someone because the timing is right, because mutual attraction grew over time, because you share the same values and interests and slowly develop a romance.

And other times, just when you least expect it, you see someone and it's like you're struck by lightning: it's that unforeseeable, that core-shaking, and that immediate.

So, what do you think? Are you convinced?

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