There is no denying that looks are what usually first attracts us to a woman, but most guys who have been around the block also know that how hot a woman appears to be on the surface has very little to do will how good the sex will actually be.

However, there is a lot that we can tell about how sexy a woman really is, if we pay attention to certain things. Here are 9 examples:

1. Your Walk

Oh man. A brisk, confident, heel-clicking strut? A slow, hip-swinging mosey? Would it be creepy if I just walked behind you for awhile? (I know. It would. That’s the definition of creepy.)

2. Your Voice

Whether it’s smokey/scratchy, airy or, I’ll say it, slightly lisp-y, the way you talk can be a major turn-on.

3. Your Sharp Wit

Just watch any classic screwball comedy — verbal sparring is the ultimate foreplay.

4. The Way You Dance

This one’s pretty obvious right? The way you move is the way you move.

5. Your Adventurous Spirit

And being up for anything kind of implies that you might be up for anything. On the other hand…

6. Your Shyness

If the bedroom is the only place that you really let yourself go crazy, it’s kind of twice as hot.

7. Your Laugh

I think the laugh was the first thing I ever found sexy. Before I knew what sexy was, I remember hearing Kathleen Turner’s laugh (I was probably 7) and feeling something… different.

8. The Way You Smell

I’m not talking about what perfume you wear. I’m talking about the way you smell. I’m talking about burying my face between your neck and shoulder, inhaling and losing all capacity for rational thought.

9. Your Ability to Communicate

Nobody’s going to believe me on this one, but it’s one hundred percent true. Even the hottest, easiest sexual relationship is eventually going to run into a snag somewhere. A woman who can express complex feelings clearly and confidently is a woman who’s going to be able to keep the sex interesting and fulfilling when the initial shine wears off.