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The Five Must-Do SF Intl Film Festival Dates

This week the serious film fans are freaking out, as the San Francisco International Film Festival is in full swing. It’s a great cultural event, a great city event and a great date event. We thought we’d ask Sean Uyehara, who’s part of the programming team at the Festival, which runs through May 5, to suggest a few Festival dates.

1. Japan and France

The date: How Hookup... head to Japantown and watch an incredibly funny Japanese movie with a French name, Hospitalité, eat the the best French-Japanese fusion in the world at Bushi-Tei and then make out either French or Japanese style (your pick).

Why it's great: Two awesome film cultures and two awesome food cultures.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

2. Porchlight

The date: How Hookup... check out Porchlight at the film festival. It's a nonfictional storytelling series that will feature Edinburgh Castle proprietor Alan Black telling a story about being a movie extra. We can then either go to Edinburgh Castle for trivia night OR we can make our own documentary. Strictly wholesome, unless you don't want it to be, which I hope you don't.

Why it's great: Porchlight is one of the most fun events in the city.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

3. Tindersticks

The date: How Hookup... check out the one-of-a-kind live show: the awesome band Tindersticks performing an originally composed scored to world-renowned French filmmaker Claire Denis’ work.

Why it's great: It’s a rock show and a movie at the Castro Theater, which are like the three main elements to love.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

4. I’m Your Man

The date: How Hookup... attend the Leonard Cohen based program of shorts that will include a documentary and local musicians Kelley Stoltz and Pale Hoarse playing live covering a few Cohen's songs.

Why it's great: Leonard Cohen is only one of the greatest songwriters of a generation.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

5. Serbian Jackass

The date: How Hookup... see Tilva Rosh -- it's supposed to be the Serbian jackass, except more Serbian --, head over to the concrete slides on Seward Street>, but not until after we drink a lot, then go to Potrero Hill Skatepark and finally to the emergency room/dentist/SF General.

Why it's great: I think that’s obvious.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

What are your favorite SF International Film Festival dates? Let us know in the comments, or better yet, post your own date on HowHookup!


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