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If You Meet Online, Do You Lose The "Meet Cute"?

Here's an (admittedly superficial, but nonetheless persistant) issue for couples who meet online, or at singles' events: the lack of a charming "meet-cute" story. For men and women who have grown up under the influence of romantic comedies, explaining to Grandma that you just "liked each other's profiles" lacks a bit of pizazz. (Of course, we think HowHookup elegantly eliminates this problem by providing creative and adorable first date stories.)

Jeff and Patrick, the couple featured in this week's Modern Love column in the NY Times, met at Speed Dating, even though the author (Patrick) always imagined meeting in front of a painting at the Met, or something equally romantic. Eventually, they found a link to one another that makes up for the relatively mundane way they met. (Definitely read the column, but maybe not at work if you're prone to getting sentimental about things...)

But what about couples who meet online and don't find some crazy connection from the past to make them feel like fate, and not just profile settings, played a part in the beginning of their relationship?

It's easy, when you're single, to spend time imagining when and how you're going to meet your next important person. Will you both be reading the same book on the subway? Will you match each other's pace on an outdoor run? Will you be seated next to each other on a flight neither of you were supposed to be on in the first place?

But this whimsical characteristic doesn't have to be lost with online dating. Maybe you're responding to a super-specific HowHookup date, amazed that someone else wants to go bird-watching in Central Park, or to hear the exact same obscure band in Brooklyn that you've been dying to go see. Maybe you message each other right before one of you was planning on unsubscribing from the site. Maybe the "story" is just the incredible fact that with all the hundreds and thousands of people on the site, you two managed to zero in on each other.

All these possibilities definitely make for good stories. But the truth is, there are so many people in the world, and so many factors to keep us apart, that just meeting someone you want to be in a relationship with in the first place is miraculous in itself, regardless of whether you both reached for the same book in a bookstore, or clicked "Message" on an online profile.

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