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Will This App Help My Love Life?: Zaarly, the Name-Your-Price App

Whenever a new social media app launches, it's extremely important to immediately assess how useful the new product will be to your dating life. Today, we're taking a look at Zaarly, the new app that lets you name a price for anything you want and find it in your neighborhood.

Here's how it works: If you have something you need or want -- say, someone to help you build a shelf, or your name on a list for a party -- you can list it on Zaarly. Just fill in what you want, when you want it, and how much you're willing to pay; Zaarly will post it and put you in immediate iPhone contact with any interested sellers.

How Could It Work For Dating: Want a reservation at a hot restaurant? Tickets for a sold-out concert? An out-of-print book or autographed poster? Zaarly could make you look like the most well-connected, thoughtful kid on the block.

According to the introductory video, Zaarly can also be used to score last-minute upgrades on flights. Can you imagine how stoked your significant other would be if you surprise them with first class seats on a flight?

Of if you remotely paid someone to go shovel out your BF/GF's driveway? Even better, their parents' driveway?

Possible Downside: You'd definitely have to work out the logistics of getting what you want in advance...nothing is more unromantic than "Oh, I might be able to get us tickets...let me see if I can reach this guy....he wants to meet at Madison Square Garden at six....he's wearing a red hat....".

Conclusion: If you know how to use it smoothly, Zaarly might be the ultimate tool in helping you make the perfect modern romantic gesture.

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