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The 8 Quirkiest Moments From The Royal Wedding

As you probably know by now, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was a stunning, elegant, and regal affair. But did you catch all the quirky moments as well? Here are 8 things you may have missed!

1. Pre-Wedding Sing-A-Long

Apparently, the crowd camped outside of Westminster Abbey started (somewhat deliriously, I assume) singing "Get Me To The Church On Time" from My Fair Lady. Uhm, that's pretty adorable. Or really embarrassing, take your pick.

2. Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

They are like, the Lady Gagas of Princesses.

3. And The Bride(smaid) Wore White

People were pretty surprised to see Bridesmaid Pippa Middleton wearing Ivory. But, it would have been sort of jarring, since Pippa was the only attendant in a very monochrome wedding, to have her randomly wearing Mauve or Periwinkle or something, wouldn't it?

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4. The Groom Didn't Face The Aisle

So, this was weird...when Kate was making her epic 4 minute trek down the aisle of Westminster Abbey, William had his back turned toward her the whole time.

On the one hand, totally weird...on the other, it gave us the completely adorable moment when Harry turned around, snuck a peak at the Bride, and told William "She's here!", followed by William's floored reaction to Kate when she finally got to him.

5. "You Look Stunning, Babe"

According to a lip-reader interviewed by the Daily Telegraph, these are the words with which William greeted his princess bride. (Duchess bride?)

First reaction: Awwwwwwwwwwww!
Second reaction: "Babe"?

6. Prince Harry At The Kid's Table Carriage

Why??? I mean, definitely not complaining. But why??

7. Little Grace Van Custem

She's the daughter of one of Will's oldest friends, and, who knows, maybe she will find the cure for cancer or something? But until then she will probably be forever known as the little girl who adorably held her hands over her ears during William and Kate's first kiss.

(At one point, after the flyover, the little girl complained about the noise, to which Kate agreed "Yes, it's loud!")

8. Surprise Convertible Ride

So we weren't supposed to see Kate and William after they appeared on the balcony. But, as a total surprise to the media, they made an appearance in an Aston Martin, which Will drove himself.

The couple was beaming, relaxed, and completely comfortable going out into the masses with minimum security behind them.

Oh, and in case you didn't know?

These kids just got married.

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