Ok, now that Kate and Will are married, can we turn our attention to the really interesting stuff? Namely: are Pippa and Harry gonna hook up tonight?

Obviously, in weddings, there’s sort of a tradition of the Best Man and Maid of Honor getting together (or at least people suggesting they should). And both Pippa and Harry are said to be more exciting and reckless than their respective older siblings. Harry is supposed to be a party animal, and Pippa has been sometimes lampooned in the press for being a bit of a social butterfly herself.

Sure, Pippa is dating an ex-cricket player named Alex Loudon, and Harry’s longtime on-off girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, is in attendance at the wedding. So maybe it’s not happening tonight.


Was it our imaginations, desperate to pick up on some new royal gossip now that the wedding is over, or was there some actual…chemistry, as the two walked down the aisle after the ceremony and stood together on the balcony?

What do you guys think? Could Harry and Pippa be a good match for each other?

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