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New York Dating Trends

With over 100,000 dates posted by users on, we're able to glean some fascinating data about how New York is dating today.

Gin Is In, Whiskey's Out

Gin is ousting whiskey as the sexiest cocktail. We’ve seen a steady increase in the number of gin dates being posted on the site as the number of whiskey dates is decreasing. Gin is currently 4x more popular than whiskey dates.

Ping-Pong's In The Gutter

Are you still asking people out on ping-pong dates, but not getting the same enthusiastic responses? That's because bowling is the new game is town. Bowling has become one of the most popular date activities, now twice as popular as ping-pong.

Big (Candy) Apple

New York is the sweet tooth dating capital of the United States – there are more dates in the “sweets” category proposed in the Big Apple than anywhere else in the country. Popular examples include:

“How Hookup do a backwards dinner – we’ll start with desert first!”

“How Hookup go to Economy Candy in the LES and then cross the street to Spitzer's Corner to see what candy we picked out.”

...and, one of the most popular HowHookup dates of all time...

“How Hookup go on a cupcake tour of Manhattan?”

Two Birds With One Stone

Think you're too busy to go out on real dates? Try "errand dating." Errand dating is one of the trendiest New York City date ideas. Doing laundry, grocery shopping and otherwise running errands are in the top 3 most often responded to dates in the city. Elsewhere in the country, errand dating ranks in the most unsuccessful categories. For example:

“How Hookup chat over laundry. Hey, this is NYC, you gotta be practical, everyone's busy.”

Let's Pretend We're Tourists

New York is the greatest city in the world and New Yorkers love to use dating as excuse to view their city with fresh eyes. Hence, Sightseeing dates are on the rise. They fall into two categories: First, those that embody the classical, romantic image of New York:

“How Hookup explore abandoned subway stations in NYC, like the original City Hall subway station.”

“How Hookup take an aquatic architectural tour of NYC aboard the 1920's style yacht, The Manhattan.”

“How Hookup find the old Shea Stadium bases in the Citi Field Parking lot and then head across the tracks to see what's left of the '64 World's Fair?”

And then the goofy, fun dates that serve as an excuse to act like a tourist in your own city. Examples:

“How Hookup play tourist for the afternoon. Mostly just because I want to ride one of those sweet open-air buses around with all the random families from, say, Sweden and Tennessee.”

“How Hookup buy brand spanking new "I

“How Hookup visit Liberty Island as though we're tourists, then warm up with hot dumplings in Chinatown.”

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