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DC Dating Trends: Not Just Your Average Good Time

Using data gleaned from over 100,000 dates posted on, we're learning that DC singles are foregoing the classic dinner/drinks dates for more fun, active and culturally-enriching dates. From Skee-ball and Laser Tag to Legos and batting cages, DC daters won't just settle for same old-same old.

Old School Arcade

While ping-pong was a popular option during the winter, Skee-Ball is on the rise this spring in DC in a big way. Remember that feeling you'd get as a kid when the "Winner" sign flashed and all those tickets came pouring out and you just couldn't wait to spend them on old, stale Tootsie rolls? Well, some things have changed since we were kids (Skee-Ball machines for grown-ups will often reward high scores with free drinks), but DC singles are still loving this boardwalk classic. Popular locations for the game include H Street Country Club (where we're throwing a party this Thursday -- join us!), Rocket Bar and Intercontinental.

Who Do You Want To Be?

DC daters have a great sense of fun. More than 30% of the most popular dates in DC have some element of “pretend.” For example:

“How Hookup dress like Russian mobsters and get drinks at Russia House.”

“How Hookup find an art opening with free wine. We can dress classy and pretend we know a lot about art”

“How Hookup go to a wine bar, complain to the bartender that the wine is not as good as boxed White Zin, and try to keep a straight face.”

Get Those Endorphins Going

DC singles clearly understand that dating is supposed to be FUN, but they also get that a little exercise won't kill you. In fact, sporty dates are more popular in DC than anywhere else in the country. Some great examples:

“How Hookup… go kayaking on the Potomac on a warm, sunny Spring day.”

“How Hookup pretend we’re the greatest action stars since Rambo (or Barney Stinson) and play laser tag at Ultrazone Laser Tag.”

“How Hookup… celebrate spring with a trip to the batting cages and then a stop at Ritas.”

Turn the Music Up!

DC loves to Dance! Dancing and live music dates are the two most popular niche categories in the District. In particular, Salsa dancing is the most popular dancing date.

Feed Your Soul (Then Feed Your Face)

Nationally, two-part dates are the most successful and it shouldn't surprise anyone that DC has its own unique take on the formula: 1 part cultural adventure + 1 part fun dining experience. Some popular examples:

“How Hookup check out the portraits on display at the National Portrait Gallery and then drink some beers at the Standard beer garden.”

“How Hookup… check out the Lego exhibit at the National Building Museum and then grab a bite at a new food truck after?”

“How Hookup take a stroll through the Bishop's garden, try to name as many plants and flowers as we can, and then treat ourselves to ice cream at Something Sweet.”

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