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How Has The Internet Changed Your Dating Life?

At, we've never felt that someone's online profile paints a complete picture of what they're like. When a well-crafted profile is all you get to know about someone, it creates a situation where "only the best writers get laid," as The Guardian today put it so well.

But really, do they actually get laid? Or do they just get more first messages? We all know that what sounds good on paper isn't always the case in real life.

So how do you get around that problem? Put the emphasis on what you do rather than what you say. (Because, though she probably didn't have dating in mind, your third grade teacher was right when she said "actions speak louder than words.")

That's why, on HowHookup, users propose and respond to date ideas -- activities you really want to do. We make things simple: You like bike riding? Cool, lets take a ride around the city's best bike path. Let's get offline and see what happens.

As the Guardian article, "What effect has the internet had on finding love?" points out, technology is really changing the way we approach love. In one sense, we're becoming more "business-like" about the matter. But on the other hand, while online dating used to be something people turned to when they were giving up, now it's just something we use to supplement our offline dating.

Still, the question "What effect has the internet had on dating?" remains unanswered. We've talked about this issue a lot: how GChat, text messaging, Facebook and technology in general can all have positive or adverse effects on your love life.

Now we want to hear your personal stories. How has technology changed your love life, for better or for worse? Tell us your best anecdote on Facebook or email us at [email protected] We'll share your stories here in a future post, and whoever submits our favorite will get 3 free months on the site!

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