Cosmo just ran a fun article, “What Not To Say To A Guy After Sex.” Our favorite game!

Here are some more to add to the list. (Can you guess which one’s we’ve actually said?)

1. “So, does that happen to you like…a lot?”

2. “Wow, sex is so different from what I thought it’d be like.”

3. “You hungry? My mom can make us a snack.”

4. “Ok, let’s do it again! But this time, you be Prince Charles and I’ll be Camilla.”

5. “You know, you sort of remind me of my brother sometimes….just every now and then.”

6. “Oh….sorry, were you not done?”

7. “So, what’s the deal with your roommate…is he single?”

8. “My cat really likes to watch. It’s how she feels included.”

9. “OMG! Late for homeroom again!”

10. “So, do you have cash or do you want to write me a check?”

Any additions? Let’s hear ‘em in the comments!

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