If there’s anything America does super well, it’s co-opt other countries’ holidays and use them as an excuse to drink. But on Cinco De Mayo, Americans really do have a good reason to imbibe: the holiday celebrates the defeat of French soldiers in Mexico.

Since that day, no European forces have ever tried to invade North American land. (Yay!)

Also, because the French were defeated, they were unable to provide aid to the Confederacy during The Civil War, which helped ensure a Northern Victory, and, uhm, the end of slavery. (Double yay!)

End of slavery = definitely something to celebrate with a margarita. (Feel free to use this little background information to impress your date tomorrow, but make sure you’ve both been drinking for a while, first.)

So! Where should you celebrate? Check out our guide below — then click the I’d do this button to find someone to go with:

The Eater/Little Owl Cinco De Mayo Pop-Up

It’s ridiculously hard to find good Mexican food in New York City (this is a Californian speaking) but if anyone can do it, the good folks from Eater can. This year they’ve teamed up with Little Owl for a one day only Taco Pop-Up Shop in the West Village.

Tacos, beer, margaritas, and the super potent elixir known as Mexican coke. Grab a date and hit up the Margaritaville for only $5.

(The Mariachi band will be there from 1-3, so plan your visit accordingly, depending on your tolerance for such things.)

New York’s 26 Best Tacos

More adventurous foodie couples can partake in a 5 Borough-wide search for the city’s best tacos. (Or, just choose a few places within walking distance.) The best thing about tacos? Unlike burritos, you can sample a wide variety of tacos before getting miserably, uncomfortably full.

Check out Time Out’s Taco Guide for suggestions.


It may be hard to find good Mexican food in New York, but thankfully finding good tequila is a lot easier, especially if you venture down to the Lower East Side. Choose between Casa Mezcal or Barriochino, park yourself at the bar, and impress your date with your ability to drink it as neat as Pancho Villa did. (Terrible anachronism, I know.)
[Best Tequila In NYC]

Party It Up

Have you ever heard of Margarita Fish Bowls? Probably not, but now you’re intrigued, right? Village Pourhouse is serving them up all night, if you can brave the end-of-semester NYU Crowd. SideBAR is offering up $5 tequila shots, and downtown there’s a $20 pub crawl, complete with map of participating cantinas.

There’s also the Drink Til You Drop party at Irving Plaza. Of course, if you want to impress your date, make sure you really don’t drop.

Go ahead, get really drunk. The Mexican soldiers from 1861 would have wanted you to.
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