Sometimes, getting over a breakup can take months of moping, hibernating, and not showering. Other times, we don’t have that luxury.

If you find you need to get over a breakup fast — or if, frankly, your tolerance for long, drawn-out mourning periods is waning as you get older — allow us to present our patented* 47 Minute Breakup Playlist.

The songs on this list have been carefully selected to take you through the various stages of a breakup–from despair, to anger, to jealousy, to resilience–using the cathartic power of music.

In under an hour, you can mourn your loss, regroup, and then get on with your life, guaranteed.**

*not actually patented.
**might take some repeat listenings.

Good luck, champ!

0:00 Landed, by Ben Folds

0:04 Everything I Once Had, by The Honorary Title

0:08 You Were Mine, Dixie Chicks

0:12 I Hate Everything About You, by Three Days Grace

0:16 Fuck You, by Cee Lo

0:20 You Oughta Know, Alanis Morisette

0:24 It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay, Whitney Houston

0:28 Meant For You, by Jewel

0:29 Afterwhile, by Yolanda Adams

0:34 Fighter, by Christina Aguilera

0:36 I Will Survive, By Gloria Gaynor, or Cake, depending on your taste.

0:41 Maneater, by Nelly Furtado

0:47 No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley

Congratulations! Now that you’re over your breakup, it’s time to get back out there, kiddo! Find yourself a date on HowHookup and don’t look back. The world is your oyster!

Go on! That’s it. Good job.